Amity Chan was born and raised in Hong Kong. To pursue her studies in visual arts, she moved to the United States in 2015, where she first settled in Seattle, WA. While she is working towards her BFA in General Fine Arts at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD, she also studied aboard in Florence Italy in 2018. Amity’s work focuses on cultural differences between the places and countries that she has been to, and her identity as a Hong Konger. Her work often references political movements across China and Asia to offer her critical point of view on human rights and politics. She works mostly in two-dimensional media such as painting and printmaking, but she has recently pursued filmmaking and photography.

Artist Statement

Growing up in Hong Kong, an international city infused with both western and eastern cultures, my life associated with the problems of race, culture, and identity. I often refer to current social issues and political movements in my work to address critical problems and raise global awareness on political subjects such as democracy, freedom of speech, and human rights through my perspective as a Hong Konger.


My works also serve as personal geography of my experiences in different cultures such as Italy and the United States. Each body of work refers to my self-identity and background growing up in Hong Kong. As an artist, I am inspired by major political and social movements I’ve experienced for examples the 2014 Umbellar Revolution in Hong Kong and the June Fourth Incident in China. Chinese contemporary artists who are also working with political subjects such as Ai Weiwei have highly influenced me to take action in a similar way and speak up for myself.

In my practice, I often reinterpret images and photographs to create a cinematic quality in my works. Time is frozen in the piece where I present the images onto the two-dimensional surface. My ideas are consistent although I work on a variety of mediums such as painting, printmaking, and video production between different projects. Each project often consists of multiple works grouped in specific themes and meanings, and the body of work is connected through the subject matter and idea.